User Interface

By default, the Core homepage displays the My Tasks tab, which shows existing objects that require your attention. If any reports have been starred, they will appear beside the My Tasks tab. The column chart to the right of your tasks is a summary of the current workflow states of those objects. At the top of each page is the top bar and nav bar. 

The home page, displaying My Tasks.

Top Bar

The following components are in the top bar on every page:
The top bar, which is displayed on every page.

  1. Resolver or custom company logo: Clicking the logo will return you to the My Tasks page or a starred report you've flagged as your landing page.
  2. Quick Add: Clicking the icon will open the Quick Add feature, which allows you to create objects outside of applications. This feature may be disabled by an administrator and may not be visible to certain roles.
  3. Search: Enter keywords to search for objects by keyword within the organization. Clicking theicon allows you to search by object type. This feature may be disabled by an administrator and may not be visible to certain roles.
  4. Administration: Clicking the  icon will display the administrative options. If you don't have admin privileges enabled, this icon will not be visible.
  5. Help: Clicking the icon displays links to the Resolver Knowledge Base, Terms of Service, and the Resolver Support site. Clicking this icon will also display your current version of Core, your organization's data region, and, if you're an administrator, a link to the Resolver Idea Portal. This icon may be disabled by an administrator and may not be visible to certain roles.
  6. User: Clicking the  icon displays the name of the currently logged in user, as well as provides links to the My Tasks page and the Logout function.

Nav Bar

The nav bar contains a dropdown menu that displays links to the home page and all the applications your role has permission to view (if any). When working in the Home area of your organization (after logging in, clicking the Home link in the dropdown, or clicking the company logo in the top left of any page), the My Tasks tab and any starred reports tabs appear in the nav bar.

The nav bar. The options in the dropdown menu change when working in the Admin settings.

Clicking the name of the application in the nav bar menu will display the application and its activities, which are displayed as clickable tabs. The tab for the first activity in the application is selected by default. To view more tabs (if any), click the  icon.

The nav bar displaying the activities in a selected application. Applications are selected from the dropdown menu to the left and activities are opened by clicking the tabs.
Clicking an activity tab displays the landing page for the activity and not the last object or report you may have been working with.
The options in the nav bar change if you're viewing the administrative settings. See Admin User Interface for more information.