Version 3.4 + Release Notes (Command Center)

Version 3.4

New Features

Activity Type Improvements

  • The following improvements have been made to the Activity Type object type:

    • The Activity Subcategory and Activity Type Details fields are now required to be filled out when creating a new activity type.

    • The activity type’s name can now be edited after it has been created.

    • Minor improvements to the layout of the Create and Review forms to improve readability.

Dispatch Improvements

  • Syncing activity type, category, or subcategory changes from Core to Dispatch has been adjusted to reduce duplicate values from appearing. To create a dispatch, all three call category levels must now be selected.
  • In addition, activity types will now require the Category, Subcategory, and Type fields to be filled in.
  • Dispatch will now prioritize using GeoLocation data on Locations taken from Core over the Lat and Long text fields.
  • Users can now assign an accessible operational zone to a location while CC to Core integration is enabled.
  • Users can now designate the default call-sign on a template that automatically assigns tasks to an officer.
  • Users can now enable an Auto Start and Auto Arrive Dispatch Tasks setting that automatically starts the officer’s next task in their assigned list once they have completed one. If the next task is at the same location as the previously completed one, they will be marked as being on the scene.
  • When a dispatch in Core has been closed, the call sign in the Officer Response records will now be populated with the call sign of the officer assigned to the dispatch. 
  • The Settings info panel has been updated to align with Core support and has been given an option to force a sync with Core.
  • Dispatch’s libraries have been upgraded to avoid known vulnerabilities.

Officer Mobile Improvements

  • Officer Mobile's libraries and privacy policies have been updated on iOS to avoid known vulnerabilities.

Bug Fixes

  • The search result dropdown list for the Initiated by Person field will now display the user’s last name, first name, and employee number on the first line, and their gender and birthdate on the second line.

  • Fixed an issue that could pause the datasync between Core and Dispatch for an extended period before resuming.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from navigating to a new settings tab while in the Alarms tab if Connectors are configured.
  • Users can now close a dispatch without needing to fill in the Organization Type, Notified Type, and Request Type fields of its service request.
  • Entering a comma followed by a space in the Reported/Requested By field will no longer fail to return results when searching for a Last Name and First Name.
  • Fixed a syncing issue that caused Vehicle Make/Model rollups that were not created in Core to display a “model externally deleted” banner in Dispatch.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from searching for elements within Dispatch by its breadcrumb values. For example, if the location hierarchy City > Building > Floor > Room exists, searching for “Building” will not return “Floor” or “Room” despite being a part of the breadcrumbs.