Advanced Options on Roles

The Advanced Options on the Edit Roles page lets administrators disable the Search, Quick Add, Help, and/or Archived Search functions for specific roles. The ability to search, add objects on the fly, or view the help documentation is enabled by default, but when disabled, these functions are hidden from the top bar for users within the role. 

When the archived search is enabled, it allows users to include archived objects when using the Search function in the top bar. Roles created prior to Version 3.0 have this option enabled by default, but roles created after 3.0 have this option disabled by default.

These options are useful if you need to restrict users from accessing or creating objects outside of an activity, to prevent users from navigating to a site (such as the Resolver Knowledge Base) that's outside of the Core application, or for data management.

The top bar as it's displayed to users in roles with the Search, Quick Add, and Help functions disabled.

If a user is in multiple roles and the permissions are in conflict, the role with the higher level of permissions will take precedence.

These options can be accessed from the Edit Role page. See the Create a New Role article for more information on configuring roles.