Contact Support


Resolver Support can be contacted via:

Resolver Support - Phone Numbers & Hours of Operation*:

New Zealand, Australia & the Pacific: +61 (3) 84004511: 

9:00 am Monday to 11:00 am Saturday (NZ Time)

UK, Europe, Middle East & Africa: +44 (20) 38840100: 

7:00 pm Sunday to 11:00 pm Friday (British Time)

Americas: 1-877-776-2995 or 1-646-367-2086: 

2:00 pm Sunday to 6:00 pm Friday (Eastern Time)

* Statutory holidays across regional teams may impact these support hours listed above.

Customers can benefit from emergency after-hours support for urgent issues. Authorized contacts receive the emergency after-hours support number on production go-live.

Response Targets

For details on expected response times and severity levels, see the Service Level Targets page.