Dashboard Quick Start Guide


Before using the Dashboards feature to create charts and Dashboards, it is recommended that users carefully read through the following information. The information presented below is laid out in order, as some elements of the Dashboard feature must first be created before you can create charts and Dashboards using the Dashboard Builder.

User Account Requirements

The user account you use to log into Resolver must have Administrator permission to use the Dashboard and Data Set Builders.

Dashboard Data Sets

Resolver recommends using one data set per Dashboard, ensuring filters apply to all charts within a Dashboard.

  1. Creating a Dashboard Data Set
  • The first step in creating a Dashboard is setting up a Dashboard Data Set. Dashboard Data Sets allow users to build a Dashboard Data Path using the object types they would like to include on their Dashboards.
  1. Define the Data to be Displayed in a Dashboard
  • After configuring a Dashboard Data Path and creating a Data Set, the user must define the data available for use within Dashboard Charts. For further information, please see the articles under the Advance Dashboard Data Set Functions section.
  1. Publishing/Unpublishing a Dashboard Data Set
  • After the Dashboard Data Set is created, you must publish the Dashboard Data Set to create Dashboards through the Dashboard Builder.

Resolver recommends not unpublishing or deleting a Data Set. Doing so will remove the data from the corresponding charts (forcing the user to recreate the charts) and cause a system error.

Dashboard Builder

  1. Creating a New Dashboard
  • After the Dashboard Data Set is published, users must create a Dashboard using the Dashboard Builder feature.
  1. Adding a Chart to a Dashboard
  • Using the Dashboard Builder, users can add multiple charts to the Dashboard. For more information, please see the Chart Elements and Chart Functions sections.
  1. Publishing a Dashboard
  • The Dashboard must be published before it can be embedded to an Activity view.  

Dashboard Visibility

  1. Embedding a Dashboard in an Activity
  • Add a Dashboard to an activity view for users to access the Dashboard data.

Users can edit a published dashboard without unpublishing it. Unpublished dashboards are removed from the activity.

Dashboard Data Set Functions

Users can add additional data elements (e.g., assessments, fields, formulas, properties, data transformations, geolocations, and roles) to a Dashboard Data Set during its creation or after, allowing you to create more complex dashboards.

Chart Elements

Chart Functions

Advanced Dashboard Builder Functions