Log In

Your dispatcher or Dispatch administrator must provide you with your organization's Core URL and password before you log in.

It’s recommended that Officer Mobile users connect to the application using a mobile network instead of Wi-Fi to reduce the likelihood of signal disruptions.

Once logged in to Officer Mobile, you can log off through your Profile settings.

To log into Officer Mobile:

  1. Install the Officer Mobile app.

  2. Tap the  icon on your phone’s home screen.

  3. Tap Login with Core. If needed, you an access this screen again by tapping the  icon, then Change Login Type.The Authentication Method screen.

  4. Enter your organization's Core URL into the Core URL field, then tap theicon to return to the Core login screen.The Core URL field.

  5. Tap the Email Address field, then enter your email address.

  6. Tap the Password field, then enter your Core password.

  7. Tap Login.The Core login screen.

    If you’re unable to log in and receive an error message that you need to reset your password and/or your password is invalid, contact your Dispatch/Core administrator.