Scope & Launch Requirements

Before an assessment can be launched using the scoping tool, an administrator must complete the following steps:

  1. Create and configure the assessment from the administrative settings.
  2. Create a navigation form using the same focus object type or data definition as the assessment.
  3. Create a standard form to be used when creating the assessment, ensuring the Name and Assessment Dimension properties have been added, along with the Open Assessment Scoping action with the appropriate navigation form selected.
  4. Using the form from step 3 or a similar form with the Open Assessment Scoping action, create a view for the assessment in the Not Started state (or equivalent) to allow users to return to assessments that have not yet been scoped.
  5. Add the assessment to an action, using the form in step 3 above to allow users to create new assessments.
  6. Ensure the appropriate users' roles have been properly configured to access the assessment, actions, and views.