Data Definitions

An overview of data definitions and how they can be used in reports and assessments. In this section, you can also learn about anchors, leaves, and how to create new definitions.

Data Definitions Overview

Learn about data definitions and how they're used in Resolver Core.

By Anchor

About the By Anchor tab, accessed through the Data Definitions settings in the Administration section of Resolver Core.

By Leaf

About the By Leaf tab in the Data Definitions settings in Resolver Core.

Data Series

About data series and how they're used when creating a report in Resolver Core.

Focus Eligible Definitions

Learn about the kind of definitions you can create and select as a data visualization focus in Resolver Core.

Assessment Definitions

About assessment data definitions in Resolver Core.

Create a New Data Definition

Instructions on creating new data definitions for reports and assessments in Resolver Core.

Edit or Delete a Data Definition

Learn how to edit or delete a data definition in Resolver Core.