Version 3.3 Release Notes (Vendor Risk)

Note: The following features are not added to Vendor Risk Management by default. For information on adding these features to your version of the app, contact your CSM.

New Features

Vendor Contact Comments

  • Comments have been removed from the vendor contact’s view of all Vendor Assessment forms in the app. This will prevent vendor contacts from being able to see internal communications.

Contract Support

  • The Vendor Assessment object type now has the following fields to better centralize efforts to manage vendor engagements:

    • Contract Start Date

    • Contract End Date

    • Contract

    • Total Contract Amount

Contract Expiration Reminders

  • Members of the Vendor Risk Team user group will now receive two email reminders to help them keep track of contracts. One will be sent when a contract is set to expire within 30 days, and another on the date a contract is set to expire.