Popular Articles

  1. Add a Section to a Form

    How to add and configure a section on a form canvas in Resolver Core.
  2. Formula Examples

    A list of common formulas, including a breakdown of their variables, operators, and functions, in Resolver Core.
  3. Enter New Object Data on the Import Template

    How to record new object data for import through the Data Import tool.
  4. Select List Fields

    Instructions on creating a new select list (dropdown menu) field, which can then be added to an object type.
  5. Focus, Data Definition & Dimensions

    About the focus object type, data definitions, and dimensions in the assessments feature of Core.
  6. Actions on Transitions Overview

    Instructions on creating and adding an action on a transition on a workflow state.
  7. Log In

    Login instructions and requirements to access Resolver Core.
  8. Control Section Visibility (Dynamic Forms)

    Instructions on creating sections that are only visible on forms once certain criteria are met.
  9. Configure a Form's Header

    Learn about creating, editing, or locking configurable form headers in Resolver Core
  10. Edit or Delete the Draft, Active, or Archived States

    Information on editing or deleting the Default state in an object type's workflow.