Version 3.0 Release Notes (Compliance Management)

Note: The following features are not added to Compliance Management by default. For information on adding these features to your version of the app, contact your CSM.

New Features

Residual Risk Assessment

  • Residual risk was previously calculated by subtracting the Control Effectiveness value from the Inherent Risk value, which removed the compliance team's ability to apply subjectivity. Now, the Residual Risk Score is calculated from the result of the Residual Impact and Residual Likelihood dropdown fields on the Assess Risk form. 

Regulator Library Report

  • Users in the Compliance Team user group can now view their requirements by Regulator through a new Regulator Report in the Library

In-App Alerts

  • RCM customers in the Compliance Team user group can now view and report on regulatory alerts (e.g. upcoming regulatory changes, new legislation, bill readings, etc.) within the Compliance Management application. 

Continuous Assessments

  • Members of the Compliance Team user group can click the new Reassess button on an assessment to re-evaluate risks or controls without having to launch a new assessment.

  • Members of the Compliance Team and Requirement Owners user groups can now use the new trending feature to view how risk levels have evolved over time whenever the requirement is reassessed.