Edit or Delete a Mapped Device

Deleting a mapped device from the Map Devices page only deletes the icon from the selected floorplan image. To delete a device, see Edit or Delete a Device.

To edit or delete a mapped device:

  1. Click Device Mapping to display the Map Devices page.

  2. In the field to the right, begin typing the name of the location or indoor location where the device is mapped, then click to select the location. Once a location is selected, its floorplan or map image is displayed along with icons representing any previously mapped devices.

  3. To increase the size or rotate the icon on the image, click the icon, then click  or  to make the icon smaller or larger or click the  or  to rotate the icon.

  4. To reposition a device, click the Map button beside the device in the section to the left of the image, then click an area on the image to re-place the icon.

  5. To delete the icon, click the  beside the device in the section to the left.