Security Risk Management App Summary

Site Audits

  • Identify key requirements for each site in a structured review framework
  • Upload own content to maintain in library
  • Scope in relevant requirements for each Site Audit from the library frameworks
  • Support routine checklists with high re-assessment frequencies with minimal effort 
  • Schedule Site Audits with Location Managers or external Auditors
  • Record Assessments scores and findings, including photos and attachments
  • Identify key Issues and Actions required for critical gaps

Issues and Action Plans

  • Centrally manage open issues by issue owner or location
  • Follow through on action items from open to final resolutions

Key Reporting

  • Incident and Risk Heatmaps by Location or Asset
  • Deficiency reports for active Issues
  • Completed Audit Reports outlining key findings and outcomes

Detailed Asset Identification

  • Profiles of Locations and key Assets, including related Risks, Employees, Policies and Audit Frameworks
  • Dependency Modeling what business units and processes rely on the asset
  • Replacement Value of the Asset

Risk Identification

  • Risk Identification for each location and asset
  • Align Security Risks with Incident Types from actual Incidents
  • Identify Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Existing Controls
  • Estimate the Likelihood, Impact, and Consequence of the Risk occurring