Core Administrator Overview

Core administrators are responsible for adding Incident Management users and assigning them to user groups. They differ from users in the Administrator and Incident Management Administrator user groups in that they do not have access to Incident Management, unless they have been added to an additional role or user group.

Core administrators can access the Admin page by clicking the  icon in the top bar on any page. If you're not a Core administrator, this icon will not be visible. 

The Core Administrator can create users only. It is not to be confused with the Administrator (Incident Management), who can view incident objects and manage library objects.
Enabling Admin or All Access account status for new users is not recommended. Admin will give users Administrative privileges, including the ability to cause irreparable damage to your app. All Access will give users the ability to see all objects and object types in your app. 
As the Administrator, you may be able to edit other settings in Administration. Deleting or changing administrative settings may cause irreparable damage to your Incident Management app. For more information or to request additional configurations to your app's administrative settings, contact Resolver Support.

The Users activity of the Admin page.