Messages Overview

The Messages panel allows you to have instant message conversations with officers and other dispatchers. When a dispatch is created, the dispatcher and all assigned officers will be brought into an automatically created conversation, labelled with the dispatch number. You can also invite other dispatchers and officers to join dispatch-related conversations as needed, as well as invite others to join personal conversations.

If an alarm is sent into Dispatch from Connect, a conversation related to that alarm is also created, which automatically adds the user selected in the Handled By (Initiated By Person) in the template used to create the alarm. Dispatchers can join the conversation by clicking Comment in the Alarms panel.

Records for personal conversations (conversations that aren’t related to a dispatch) will be permanently deleted once that conversation is closed. 

You can access your conversations by clicking  Messages in the ribbon. You may also view dispatch-specific conversations in the  Messages section of the Details panel or by clicking Comment from the Dispatches panel. The Messages panel. Messages that aren’t related to a dispatch are labelled as Single and dispatch-related messages are labelled with the dispatch number.