The General tab is opened by default when viewing your open activities. This tab allows you to add or revise specific details about the activity.

The Details section allows you to add or revise specific details of the activity, including the:

  • Description of the activity.
  • Reported, assigned, cleared, and closed dates and times.
  • Priority (e.g., High, Medium, Low).
  • Activity type.
  • Activity call source (e.g., alarm, hotline, in person, etc.).
  • Activity disposition (e.g., Waiting for Review, Waiting for Approval, or Escalated to Incident).
  • Additional notes about the activity.
  • People who initiated, dispatched, and/or took the activity call. To add a person to the Initiated By, Dispatched By, or Call Taken By, click the field and begin typing keywords, then click to select from the results. To remove a person, click the beside their record. To view more information about a selected person, click the person's name in the field.
    The details section.