Version 3.1 Release Notes (Internal Audit)

Note: The following features are not added to Internal Audit Management by default. For information on adding these features to your version of the app, contact your CSM.

New Features

Audit Plan

  • Users in the Internal Audit Team user group will have access to a new Audit plan activity that will allow them to create audit plans and populate them with projects. This will enable users to manage projects centrally and succinctly.

  • Internal audit administrators will be able to use the Audit Plan activity to archive all of a specific plan's audits and their components.

Point in Time Reporting

  • With the new Point-in-Time reporting feature, users can view historical information in reports in order to compare and contrast against information from previous timeframes. For instance, an internal audit team can easily compare risk assessments as well as outstanding issues & action reports across several years. Admins can enable this feature from the Configure Filters palette when editing a report.

Corrective Actions Summary Report

  • A Corrective Actions Summary report has been added that provides a summary of all the corrective actions identified during audit projects over time. This will allow the internal audit team to easily review all outstanding corrective actions and monitor how to quickly bring them to a close.

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Document requests will now have a new Overdue workflow state.

  • Document requests, issues, and corrective actions in the Overdue workflow state will send a nightly Overdue Reminder email to their respective owners and delegates until they have been closed.

  • Audit projects in the Planning workflow state will have a Send all Document Requests button on their assessment forms. This button will send all attached Document Requests from a Draft state to am Outstanding state. This can only be done by the internal audit lead.

  • Document requests in the Draft state will have a Set Request Date button.

  • The Findings Summary report can now group Issues by Business Unit.

  • The audit's Define and Review Audit Scope section has a new conditional formula that states whether or not the audit has been scoped. 

  • The following elements have been renamed:

    • The Library's Risk and Control Matrix has been renamed to the Process Risk and Control Matrix.

    • The Risk Team Summary has been renamed to the Integrated - Internal Audit and has been moved to the Reports application for the risk team to view.

    • Process Audits have been renamed to Internal Audit Projects.

  • Requirements have been added as reference data to Controls in Internal Audit Projects.