Edit or Delete a Role

If a user is in multiple roles and the permissions are in conflict, the role with the higher level of permissions will take precedence.

To edit or delete a role:

  1. Click the icon in the top bar > Roles in the People section.
  2. Enter the name of the role in the text field to search for it or click the role you want to edit.
  3. To add more object types to the role, select the object types from the dropdown menu in the Object Types section, then edit the permissions.
  4. To edit an existing object type’s permissions, click the object type under Object Types, make your changes as needed, then click Done to return to the Edit Role page.
  5. To add more users or groups to the role, select them from the dropdown menus under Users and Groups.
  6. To delete an object type, user, or user group from the role, click the icon next to the object type, user, or user group you want to delete, then click Yes to confirm.
    Roles determine a user's eligibility to access objects only. Removing a user from a role with explicit permissions after they've been granted direct access to an object does not automatically revoke their access to that object. Another user with the appropriate permissions must revoke access by removing the user from the role field on the object's form.
  7. Optional: In the Advanced Options section, click theor icons to enable or disable the following options for users within the role: 
    • Search Bar Enabled: Shows or hides the Search field from the top bar.
    • Quick Add Enabled: Shows or hides the Quick Add feature from the top bar.
    • Help Icon Enabled:  Shows or hides the link to the Resolver Knowledge Base from the top bar.
    • Archived Search: Shows or hides the option to include archived data in the search results when using the Search function. The Advanced Options section.
  8. To delete the role, click the icon, then click Yes to confirm.