Edit or Delete a Device

If a large number of devices have been edited on the source system, you can use the Get Latest feature to retrieve the updated data. 

You can also use the Import Devices feature to update multiple devices at once, however, manually editing a device, as outlined below, is recommended if you need to edit only a small number of devices at one time.

To edit or delete a device:

  1. Click Devices to display the Devices page.

  2. If needed, enter search terms in the Search table… field to narrow down the number of devices displayed or sort the table by clicking on a column.

  3. Click Edit beside a device to edit its information, including the connector, device type, device name, ID, location, and tags.

  4. To delete an individual device, click Delete beside the device.

  5. To delete multiple devices, select the checkboxes beside the devices, then click Delete near the top of the page.