Form Sections Overview

Sections are the areas on the standard form canvas where you can drag and drop form elements (e.g. fields, relationships, formulas, etc.). 

Sections are added to forms by clicking + Section on the form canvas. Once a section has been added to a form, you can:

  • Configure its width;
  • Center it;
  • Provide a section title;
  • Display the section as tabs or as collapsible and expandable; and
  • Create rules to specify if the section will be visible on the form.

See Add a Section to a Form for more information on configuring a section's title and display (including tabs and collapsible sections). See Control Section Visibility for more information on creating section rules.

A form canvas displaying a configured section.
A collapsible section with a title.
A tabbed section.
A single section cannot be both tabbed and collapsible.