Version 23.2ab Release Notes (Compliance Management)

Release 23.2ab (Compliance Management)


  • The Requirement Detail Count section on Requirements forms will be hidden if the value equals 0.
  • When creating a new corrective action, Alert Owners are redirected to a new form called Corrective Action – Create and can edit the Name field.
  • We have added a Not Applicable option to the Regulatory Update field.
  • The Compliance Team can assign the Requirement Delegate to a Requirement when it is in the Applicability state.
  • The Testing Plan field now defaults to the Display Colored Ovals option.
  • The Manage Assessments tab on the RCM library forms is now enabled by default.
  • Date Based Trigger Condition checks were moved from the workflow transition to the formula calculating the Trigger’s date.
  • Email templates have been configured to reflect the specific situation and action required by the user receiving the email.