Views Overview

Activities can have one or more of the following views types:

  • Form: A list of objects or assessment objects. Admins can specify which objects and forms are displayed based on the object type and workflow state.
  • Report: Report-type data visualizations that display object data through elements.
  • Data Export: A data analytics export report that allows users to export object data into a spreadsheet.
  • Data Grid: Displays object data in spreadsheet-style grid.

All view types allow administrators to filter which objects are displayed based on one or more workflow states. Because views are displayed in activities, you must first create an application and activity before a view can be saved. See the Create an Application & Activity section for more information.

For information on creating views, see the following articles:

Any forms selected when creating a view will override any form selections made in the workflow permissions on a role.

A form view as it's displayed to end users.