Add Inferred Permissions on an Object Type

To add inferred permissions on an object type:

  1. Click the icon in the top bar > Object Types in the Data Model section.
  2. Click the object type or enter the name of the object type in the Search field, then click it to display the Edit Object Type page.
  3. Add a role to the object type.
  4. Click the role in the Roles tab to open Edit Role Permissions.
  5. Click the monogram, which represents the object type you’re currently working in, to expand the node any reveal relationships and references saved to the object type.
  6. Click a relationship or reference to show any object types associated with that relationship or reference (e.g. clicking People Involved will show the People and Employee Record object types).
  7. Click an object type to place a checkmark next to it and grant inferred permissions to that object type.
    The Permission Path in an object type’s inferred permission settings.
  8. Click Done, then Continue to confirm.
Inferred permissions can be edited by opening Edit Role Permissions on the object type, then selecting or deselecting the additional object types as needed.