Analyze Text (Intelligent Triage) Overview

The Analyze Text (Intelligent Triage) feature evaluates the contents of the Observation field on an incident form and automatically identifies entities (People, Organizations, Places, Facilities, Dates, and Time). Incident screeners can then confirm each entity and link it to existing objects, manually tag an entity, and/or create new objects, all of which will then create a relationship (involvement) on the incident and auto-populate the associated fields on the form. Tagged entities in Intelligent Triage.

For information on the involvements captured through Intelligent Triage, see the Intelligent Triage Entities article. For information on enabling this feature on the form, see the Enable Text Analysis article.

Important Notes

  • This feature is designed for Corporate Security customers triaging incidents through the Incident Management app and requires specific forms, objects, fields, and relationships before it can be used. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.
  • Only plain text fields are analyzed.
  • Analyze Text must be enabled by Resolver Support on your org, then enabled on the specific form and fields by an administrator. See the Enable Text Analysis article for more information.