Popular Articles

  1. Form Sections Overview

    Instructions on creating and configuring sections on a configurable form.
  2. Log In

    Login instructions and requirements to access Resolver Core.
  3. Control Owner & Delegate Overview

    Learn about the Control Owner & Delegate user group in Resolver's Compliance Management app.
  4. Roles Overview

    About roles in Resolver Core, including information on explicit and global permissions.
  5. Add Roles to an Object Type

    Instructions on adding a role to an object type and configuring its inferred permissions.
  6. Attachments

    Instructions on creating a new attachments field, which can then be added to an object type.
  7. Create a New Report

    Instructions on creating a new report in Resolver Core. Once a report is created, you can add a pie chart, table, heat map, or repeatable form.
  8. User Interface

    An overview of the Resolver Core user interface, including the top bar, nav bar, and My Tasks page.
  9. Workflow Permissions

    An overview of the different workflow permissions available for each object type added to a role.
  10. Glossary of Terms

    A glossary of important terms and phrases in Resolver Core.