End of Internet Explorer Support

Beginning in 2022, Resolver Core will be ending support for Internet Explorer 11.  As a result, some aspects of Core may provide a sub-optimal experience for Internet Explorer users. If you are currently using Internet Explorer 11, we recommend that you switch to another supported browser

What does this mean?

Beginning in June 2021, Internet Explorer users will receive an in-app notification warning them of the upcoming change, and recommending that they move to a different browser.

Starting in 2022, Resolver will no longer test Core updates on Internet Explorer 11. As a result, both new and updated features of the platform may not function optimally for those users. Issues that only affect Internet Explorer users will not be addressed.

Why is this happening?

Internet Explorer does not support many of the more modern solutions we’d like to bring to customers in Resolver Core, which can impact both performance and the user experience in general. Testing Internet Explorer is also overly resource-intensive, which results in a longer feature development cycle.

By ending support for Internet Explorer, we will be able to use modern solutions and best web practices for both new and updated features. This will help us provide the best experience possible for Core users.

What should I do?

Internet Explorer users should plan to upgrade to another supported browser before the end of 2021. If your organization is unable to upgrade to another browser, please have your IT Administrator contact Resolver Support