End of Internet Explorer Support

Effective with the 22.1 Release, Resolver Core will be ending support for Internet Explorer 11. If you are currently using Internet Explorer 11, you must switch to another supported browser, or you will no longer be able to access Core.

What does this mean for you?

Resolver Core is no longer compatible with Internet Explorer. Therefore, users attempting to log in to Resolver Core with Internet Explorer after the 22.1 release will see a message stating that their browser is no longer compatible with the platform, and that they must switch to a different browser to log in.

Why is this happening?

Internet Explorer does not support many modern solutions we’d like to bring to Resolver Core customers, which can then impact performance, security, and your overall user experience. Testing Internet Explorer is also overly resource-intensive, which can delay our feature development cycle.

This change helps us provide you with the best Resolver Core experience possible. By ending Internet Explorer support, we can continue to use modern solutions and the best web practices for both new and updated features.

What should I do?

Internet Explorer users must switch to another supported browser to continue using Resolver Core's platform and applications. If your organization is unable to upgrade to another browser, contact your IT Administrator.

Read more here about how Microsoft is retiring the Internet Explorer 11 desktop application on June 15, 2022.