Create Repeatable Forms

Repeatable forms are reports that display object data as it was entered into a form. This allows users to view and share non-editable, printer-friendly versions of completed forms with other users. This report type makes it easy to save Risk Response Plans  locally in PDF form.

For more detailed information on repeatable forms, see the Add Repeatable Forms to a Report article in the Resolver Core Administrator's Guide.

Create a Form

To create a configurable form to use in the report:

  1. Click theicon in the top bar Configurable Forms in the Views section.
  2. Click Create Configurable Form.
  3. Enter Risk Response Plan - Report in the Name field.
  4. Select Standard Form from the Form Type dropdown menu.
  5. Select Risk Response Plan from the Object Type dropdown menu.
    The Create Form page.
  6. Click Create to display the Edit Configurable Form page.
  7. Add the following elements to the form canvas:
    • Name (Property)
    • Description (Property)
    • Date of Last Review (Field)
    • Date of Next Review (Field)
    • Plan (Field)
    • Plan Criticality (Field)
    • Potential Impact (Formula)
      The Edit Configurable Form page.
  8. Click Done when finished.

Create the Repeatable Form Report

To create a repeatable form report:

  1. -Click theicon in the top bar > Data Visualizations in the Views section.
  2. Click Create Data Visualization.
  3. Enter Company - Risk Response Plan Tracker in the Name field.
  4. Ensure Report is selected in the Type dropdown menu.
  5. Select Risk Response Plan from the Data Visualization Focus dropdown menu.
  6. Click Create to display the Edit Report page.
  7. Expand Display from the Elements menu to the left of the Report Canvas.
  8. Drag and drop the Repeatable Forms element to the Report Canvas.
  9. Select Risk Response Plans from the Select a data series dropdown menu, then click Done to display the Edit Repeatable Form palette.
  10. From the Data Type tab, deselect the Select All checkbox.
  11. Click the Forms tab.
  12. Select Risk Response Plan - Report from the Define Custom Forms section.The Edit Repeatable Form palette.
  13. Click Done when finished.

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