Reply to an Email Object Submitter


The Two-way Email feature allows users in Resolver to reply to Object Submitters through email.

Required Information/Setup

Refer to the Enable Two-way Email article to the Set up Two-way Email.

You must set up email settings to enable the Submitter property on a Form. Please refer to the Create an Email Setting article.

For more information on how to Enable the Confidential Submitter Property, please refer to the Enable the Confidential Submitter Property article. 


  1. From the Home screen, select a Task from the My Tasks list.

My Tasks List

  1. From the Form screen, click the Communications tab.

Reply to an Email Object Submitter

  1. Enter your message response in the message text box indicated by the statement Type here to send an email reply to the Object's originator.

Message Text Box

Send button will remain greyed out until you have entered your message in the message text box.

  1. Click the Send button at the bottom of the message text box.
  • Both the Resolver user and Submitter will receive the reply message thread. If the Submitter chooses to remain Confidential, their Personal Identifiable Information (PII) will remain hidden.
  1. (Optional) Internal Users can add comments to the Comments section if Comments are selected from the Form Features section on the Edit Header Section pop-up on the Form, keeping both Comments and Emails in one place.

Comments Section