Create Email Notifications

For more detailed information on email notifications and nightly triggers, see the Email Templates section and Add a Trigger & Transition to a State article in the Resolver Core Administrator's Guide.

Create an Email Template

To create an email template:

  1. Click theicon in the top bar > Email Templates in the Other section.
  2. Click Create Email Template to display the Create an Email Template page.
  3. Enter Risk Response Plan - Notify Plan Owner in the Email Template Name field.
  4. Enter Risk Response Plan requires update in the Email Subject Line field.
  5. Enter the following in the email body:

    "A risk response plan, for which you are the owner, requires an update."The Create an Email Template page.

  6. Click Create.

Add the Notification to a Nightly Trigger

To add the email notification to a nightly trigger:

  1. Navigate the Edit Object Type page for the Risk Response Plan > Configure Workflow.
  2. Click the Send for Update trigger under the Active state.
  3. Click theicon next to the transition > Add Action.
  4. Select Messaging from the Type dropdown menu.
  5. Enter Notify Plan Owner in the Name field.
  6. Select Email from the Message Types dropdown menu.
  7. Select Plan Owner from the Roles dropdown menu.
  8. Select Risk Response Plan - Notify Plan Owner from the Email Template dropdown menu.
  9. Select Risk Response Plan - Plan Owner from the Form Template drodpown menu.
  10. Select Nightly from the Delivery Frequency dropdown menu.The Action section of the Edit Trigger palette.
  11. Click Create.

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