Starred Reports

When a report is starred, it appears as a tab in the nav bar beside My Tasks. These tabs are displayed when working in the Home area of your organization after:

  • Logging in;
  • Clicking the company logo in the top-left corner of any page; or
  • Clicking Home from the nav bar dropdown menu.

The My Tasks tab is the default landing page when viewing the Home area of your organization, but a starred report can be marked as the landing page so that its tab is automatically opened when returning to Home.

Starred reports appear as tabs in your nav bar.

Important Notes

  • Starred report data is not updated in real time. If the data changes while the report tab is open, click the refresh icon to show the latest data. See the Loading & Caching Report Data article for more information.
  • Starred report functionality is not available on data grids or data analytics reports.
  • It's recommended that repeatable form reports are not added to starred reports as doing so may cause performance issues, depending on the amount of data displayed in the report.


To star a report:

  1. Open the report you want to star.
  2. Click the icon at the top-right corner of the report to open the Add Report To Home window.
  3. If needed, enter a custom name for the tab in the Label report field. The report's name, as saved by the administrator who configured it, appears in this field by default.
    The Add Report to Home window.
  4. Select the Make this report your landing page if you want this report to replace the My Tasks tab or another starred report as the home page. To revert back the home page back to My Tasks, deselect the checkbox.
  5. Click Add To Home to finish. 
  6. Repeat 1-6 above to continue adding more reports as needed. The tabs appear in the nav bar based on the order they were starred. Additional tabs that span beyond the view of the nav bar in your browser can be accessed by clicking the icon.
  7. To delete the tab from the nav bar, click the  icon, then click Remove From Home.