Version 22.1+ Release Notes

Version 22.1.3

General Enhancements 

  • The privacy policy text for anonymous portals now supports internationalization

Bug Fixes

  • Objects with location data can once again be created in languages other than English. 
  • Address search is no longer restricted to a single country when the user's device location is blocked.
  • Relationship table fields are once again populated on page load.
  • The Pull Data Values action once again reliably pulls from the latest object on a relationship.
  • Field sorting in relationship tables has been improved.
  • A race condition where a formula result could be calculated before one of it's variables has finished updating has been resolved.

Version 22.1.2

General Enhancements

  • Resolver has moved to a new Idea Portal, now embedded in-app, so you can easily submit feedback about our product. No need for a separate login or bookmarks - simply navigate to the Resolver application's Help (?) menu and click the Idea Portal to access, view, and vote on idea cards posted to the site.
  • A new option is available to calculate averages, maximums, and minimums on assessment tables – providing customers more options to interact with their assessment data. 
  • Set up the following lists to display alphabetically in the form editor: 
    • Available relationships
    • Available roles 
    • Available actions 
    • Available references.
  • Enabled the available state triggers list in the form editor to show the corresponding workflow state, providing extra context.

Bug Fixes

  • Date variables are once again populated with the correct information in email notifications.
  • Resolved an issue where some relationship table data would display as blank until an object was opened in the palette.
  • Large numbers of comments no longer prevent deletion of assessments with thousands of objects.
  • Triggering the Clear Fields action through workflow orchestration now triggers formula updates.
  • Improved the color contrast on toggle buttons.
  • Trending formula data no longer impacts date picker usage.

Version 22.1.1

Re-enabled the Done Button on Object Forms

  • In the 22.1 release’s form layout improvements, we removed the Done button from object forms. The Done button was deemed redundant because:
    • It worked the same as the web browser back button and resulted in a lot of deep page scrolling on longer forms.
    • It did not serve as a save or complete button as many users mistook it for being (not realizing that Resolver already auto-saves your object form changes).
  • However, some customers rely on the Done button and would like to add it back. Therefore, we have introduced the option to add it back to object forms. Resolver controls this global setting, so if your team would like to keep the Done button, you can contact Resolver Support to re-enable it. A few considerations:
    • When the Done button is enabled, it will show in same place as before. However, since the code behind the forms has changed, the Done button might not align exactly as before, as no additional adjustments were made for it to match the form changes.
    • If you choose to re-enable the Done button on object forms, you can still eventually transition to the new forms layout and remove it once again, if desired. 

General Enhancements

  • For anonymous submissions, the Stay Informed modal window now only displays if the Submitter property is visible on the form.
  • Assessment palettes for updates and results now include an Expand button.
  • Workflow state is now an option for setting form sections’ visibility.
  • The Privacy landing page now displays the org name.

Bug Fixes

  • Assessment results columns are now displayed in the Form Editor’s set order.
  • The Email Template logo is now used for confirmation emails.
  • Location results are once again sorted by the current user’s distance.
  • Clicking a relationship for an assessment object in palette to a library object now correctly loads the desired object, instead of re-directing users to the homepage.
  • When self-referential transitions occur, previously queued nightly trigger events are no longer cleared.

Version 22.1

New Features

Added Self-Serve User Profile Management

  • Resolver administrators (“admins”) can now independently edit a user’s first name, last name, and email address within the system. For example, when an error is identified, or someone changes their name, an admin can make those user profile updates without contacting support.
  • This new feature can boost your library data integrity because it ensures you’re getting the right info at the right time. Self-serve wins aside, your information security gets even stronger here, as Resolver application (“app”) users can confirm or deny said profile updates via a direct link in their inboxes. 
  • Read more about using these new features here:
    Edit or Delete a User

The Admin: Edit User screen.

Enabled Anonymous Portal Submissions

  • A new Submitter Property type supports Anonymous Portal form submissions, so incident reporters can choose to hide their identities. For example, an incident submitter can report inappropriate workplace behavior without potential backlash, because Resolver generates an alias via a unique object ID through the portal.
  • Anonymous Portal users’ privacy is ensured, because no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will be visible in or accessible through Resolver. The portal also supports the new two-way email feature, so admins can engage directly with submitters, ask clarifying questions, and act quickly. Submitters can reply right from their email, but still stay confidential. 
  • Read more about using these new features here:
    Anonymous Portal Overview
    Enable the Anonymous Submitter Property 
    Anonymous Submissions Visibility Rules
    Configure the Submitter Column in a Relationship or Report Table

The Anonymous Incident Submission web portal.

Introduced Two-Way Email

  • Two-way email takes our recent email ingestion feature to the next level, because customers can now converse with external users via email directly from a centralized object in Resolver. For example, an admin replies to an object’s submitter with a question or update. Or when a submitter wants to follow up on their incident report, they can use two-way email too (with no need for new licensing or system access). 
  • This new feature helps tighten your external stakeholder communications in responding to incidents, because admins can customize who’s notified when submitters reply via email. Meaning your teams can resolve cases faster – without having to switch between their email inboxes and system tasks. 
  • Read more about using these new features here:
    Create an Email Setting 
    Using Two-Way Email

The Notifications for New Replies screen.

Improved Transitions by Bypassing Required Fields

  • Admins can now configure transitions to bypass required fields via the Bypass Required Fields toggle on the Workflow Transitions Trigger pallet. For example, an admin wants to run nightly triggers without requiring a workflow change. Or when a response team must view a new object submitter email, but it was missing required form info and didn’t transition. These annoying hurdles won’t prevent you from getting your work done anymore, because of the new automated Bypass Required Fields Toggle. 
  • Read more about using these new features here:
    Add a Trigger & Transition to a State

The Bypass Required Fields Toggle

Kicked off Resolver’s Forms Transformation

  • Starting this spring, you’ll experience many enhancements to our forms, including how they work and display! Our goal is to improve your screen utilization, and to avoid you doing deep scrolls, collapsing, or expanding sections in larger forms. Check out some of our in-motion improvements:
    • Upper-level tabs: access History, Communications, Relationship Graphs, and Assessments in one place.
    • Form Layout Options: experiment with single or two-column forms and left or right sidebars. 
      Form layout options in the form editor.
    • Separate Card Sections: divide up form content and reduce scroll-time even more with these collapsible cards that can be filtered to just show info you need for your own daily work. 
      Card sections within the main information panel (and the left sidebar).
    • New Headers: keep your data organized in the same place all the time. Our new, more dynamic form headers focus on the title, description, ellipsis menu actions, and workflow state or controls.
    • Workflow State Controls or Buttons: get the option to configure either workflow state controls (re-classifiable via dropdown) or buttons (indicating the workflow state). 
    • Removed the “Done” forms button: have peace of mind that Resolver automatically saves your form data! To return to the previous screen, simply click your browser back button – no need to scroll to the bottom of the form anymore.
  • Read more about using these new features here:
    Form Layouts Overview
    Configure a Form Layout
    Form Headers Overview
    Configure a Standard Form Header
    Enable Workflow Control on a Form
    Form Cards Overview
    Add a New Card to a Form

Bug Fixes

  • Language imports can now be compressed, and the maximum allowable import size was increased to 5 MB. 
  • Queries for populating navigation trees were made more efficient.
  • Data imports now accept object names that only contain numbers.
  • Formula calculations are no longer stored if the formula depends on a value that is being recalculated itself.

End of Internet Explorer Support

Effective with the 22.1 release, Resolver will be ending support for Internet Explorer 11 - meaning you can no longer access the system by using IE. If you are currently using Internet Explorer 11, you must switch to another supported browser

Read more here about Internet Explorer becoming an End of Life (EOL) software.

Note: Some new release platform features may not be added to your software version by default. To enable a particular one within your org, please contact your CSM for more information. Resolver application release notes will be coming soon. Stay tuned!