Updated Articles

  1. Data Audit Archive Export Updated

    How to export and save the Data Audit Trail spreadsheet from Resolver Core.
  2. Data Audit Trail Overview Updated

    An introduction to the Audit Trail feature and how you can use it to track any changes made within your Resolver Core organization.
  3. Version 3.6+ Release Notes New

    Release notes for Resolver Core 3.6 and any hotfixes, with a summary of new features, improvements, and bug fixes.
  4. Enable Object History New

    How to enable an object's history on a configurable form.
  5. Enable Text Analysis (Intelligent Triage)

    How to enable text analysis for intelligent triage on a configurable form.
  6. Languages Overview

    About the Languages feature which allows you to translate the UI and applications in Resolver Core.
  7. Add a New Language

    How to add a new language to translate the UI and applications in Resolver Core.
  8. End of Internet Explorer Support

    Why Resolver is ending support for Internet Explorer 11 and what this means for customers.
  9. System Requirements

    System requirements for Resolver Core and the Command Center suite of applications.
  10. Troubleshoot Login Issues: Single Sign On (SSO) Users

    A list of common Single Sign On (SSO) login issues and how to correct them.