Updated Articles

  1. Impersonate Another User

    Instructions on how to impersonate non-administrative users in Core.
  2. CORE Hosted Maintenance Schedule

    Scheduled Maintenance: Note: During the scheduled maintenance, monthly security updates and general system maintenance will be performed, with brief 10 min service interruptions. Resolver CORE Hosted Location Time of Interruption ...
  3. Platform Update Process

    How Core releases are rolled out to our customers.
  4. Creating a New Dashboard

    Our new Dashboard feature can be scheduled for enablement, for the initial launch phase. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to schedule implementation with our Services team. Overview Resolver’s Dashboard Builder allows Adminis...
  5. General

    Learn about the general tab of an open activity.
  6. Library Objects & Object Types

    Overview Library objects are used when working with activities or dispatches. These objects are specific to your organization, which allows you to quickly add important details, such as the dispatched officer or location of an activity, which c...
  7. Add Parameters to a Report

    Instructions on adding parameters to a report in Resolver Core, which allows administrators to filter which data is shown in a report and all its elements.
  8. Reports & Data Grids

  9. View a Report

    How to access and view a report, as well as apply filters, click data to open objects, sort, search, and more.
  10. Contact Support

    Resolver Support's contact information, including phone numbers, business hours, and email address.