Updated Articles

  1. View a Report Updated

    How to access and view a report, as well as apply filters, click data to open objects, sort, search, and more.
  2. Languages Overview Updated

    About the Languages feature which allows you to translate the UI and applications in Resolver Core.
  3. Locations Overview Updated

    An overview of the location property on object types, which allows users to record and view locations on objects.
  4. Add a Table to a Report Updated

    Learn what table reports are and how to create them in Resolver Core.
  5. Data Audit Trail Overview Updated

    An introduction to the Audit Trail feature and how you can use it to track any changes made within your Resolver Core organization.
  6. Add the Location Property to a Form Updated

    How to add the Location property to a standard configurable form.
  7. Show Location Data in a Relationship or Reference Updated

    How to configure a relationship or reference form element to display location data.
  8. Add Location Data to an Object Updated

    Instructions for end-users on viewing and adding location data on an object.
  9. Import Location Data Updated

    Information and requirements on importing location data into Core.
  10. View Relationship & Reference Location Data Updated

    About viewing location data on a relationship or reference map or table.