Updated Articles

  1. Internal Audit Management Overview

    An overview of Resolver's Internal Audit Management app.
  2. Version 22.1+ Internal Release Notes

    × This article and its embedded links are for internal use only. External release notes are  posted here . Version 22.1.3 General Enhancements The privacy policy text for anonymous portals now supports internationalization ...
  3. Version 22.1+ Release Notes

    The Resolver Core Platform Version 22.1 Software Release Notes
  4. Email Settings Overview

    An introduction to the Email Settings feature in Resolver Core, which allows administrators to create custom email addresses that create a new object upon receiving an email.
  5. Create an Email Setting

    Create a setting in Resolver Core that will create a new object whenever an email is sent to a generated email address.
  6. Transition a Case

    How to transition a case to the next workflow state in Resolver's Incident Management app.
  7. Review an Incident

    How to view and edit an incident in the Review state as an incident supervisor in Resolver's Incident Management app.
  8.  Incident Supervisor Overview

    An overview of the Incident Supervisor user group in Resolver's Incident Management app.
  9. Investigate an Incident

    How to investigate an incident as an Incident Investigator in Resolver Incident Management.
  10.  Incident Investigator Overview

    An overview of the Incident Investigator user group in Resolver Incident Management.