Updated Articles

  1. Upload the Import Template Updated

    How to upload the import template into the Data Import tool.
  2. Advanced Options on Roles Updated

    Learn about the advanced options available on roles, where admins can disable users' access to the Search, Quick Add, and Help functions.
  3. Create a New Report Updated

    Instructions on creating a new report in Resolver Core. Once a report is created, you can add a pie chart, table, heat map, or repeatable form.
  4. Add Repeatable Forms to a Report Updated

    Learn what repeatable form reports are and how to create them in Resolver Core.
  5. Formulas on Forms Updated

    Information on formulas and how they can be displayed on configurable forms in Resolver Core.
  6. Fields on Forms Updated

    How to add fields to a configurable form, including plain text, numeric, date and time, select list, and attachment field types.
  7. Formulas Overview Updated

    An introduction to formulas in Resolver Core, including an overview of how to create a formula, how they can be displayed, and where they can be used.
  8. Properties on Forms Updated

    How to add an object type's properties to a configurable form.
  9. Object Properties Updated

    An overview of the properties, which display the default, auto-generated information for objects in Resolver Core.
  10. Standard Forms Overview Updated

    About the standard configurable form type, where administrators can control which fields and elements are viewed and completed by users in Resolver Core.