Updated Articles

  1. Add a Trigger & Transition to a State Updated

    How to add a trigger and transition to a workflow state on an object type.
  2. Add a Messaging Action to a Transition Updated

    How to add the Messaging action to a workflow state in Resolver Core.
  3. Log In with SSO Updated

    Information on logging into Resolver Core using single sign-on authentication.
  4. Log In with SSO Updated

  5. Log In with SSO Updated

  6. User Interface Updated

    An overview of the Resolver Core user interface, including the top bar, nav bar, and My Tasks page.
  7. My Tasks Updated

    An introduction to the My Tasks tab in the nav bar of Resolver Core, which displays objects that have been assigned to the current user.
  8. Select List Fields Updated

    Instructions on creating a new select list (dropdown menu) field, which can then be added to an object type.
  9. Fields on Forms Updated

    How to add fields to a configurable form, including plain text, numeric, date and time, select list, and attachment field types.
  10. Languages Overview Updated

    About the Languages feature which allows you to translate the UI and applications in Resolver Core.