Updated Articles

  1. Log In with SSO Updated

    Information on logging into Resolver Core using single sign-on authentication.
  2. View Completed Activities Updated

    Activities that have been completed or escalated to incidents will no longer be visible in the Open Activities tab, though they can still be reviewed. By making use of the Completed Activity List report, users can view the details of any activit...
  3. View a Report Updated

    How to access and view a report, as well as apply filters, click data to open objects, sort, search, and more.
  4. Add Filters to a Report Updated

    Add filters to a report in Resolver Core to allow users to filter which information is displayed on a pie chart, table, or heat map.
  5. References on Forms Updated

    How to add a reference field to a configurable form.
  6. Relationships on Forms Updated

    How to add a relationship field or table to a configurable form.
  7. Focus, Data Definition & Dimensions Updated

    About the focus object type, data definitions, and dimensions in the assessments feature of Core.
  8. Assessment Workflows Overview Updated

    About assessment workflows in Resolver Core and a general overview of how and why you'd want to create and configure them.
  9. Configure Assessment Workflows Updated

    About workflows in assessments and how to configure existing workflows or create new ones in Resolver Core.
  10. Scope & Launch/Create an Assessment Updated

    How to refine the data that will appear in an assessment, including previously assessed objects.