Add a Section to a Form

To add a new section to a standard form:

  1. Create a new form or open an existing form by clickingicon in the top bar Configurable Forms in the Views section, then selecting a form.
  2. Click + Section on the form canvas.
  3. Click the  icon in the top-right corner of the new section to display the Edit Form Section screen. 
    A new section on the form canvas.
  4. Select a width from the Section Width section. By default, 100 (full size) is selected.
    The Edit Form section screen.
  5. Click the  Centered icon to center the section on the canvas.
  6. Enter text in the Section Title to provide a header to the section.
    Section titles are disabled when a section is tabbed.
  7. To make the section collapsible: 
    1. Click the  Make Section Collapsible icon.
    2. Select either Expanded (to show the section's contents by default) or Collapsed (to hide the section's contents by default) below Collapsible Default on Load.
      The collapsible section settings.
      A single section cannot be both collapsible and tabbed.
  8. To create section tabs:
    1. Click the  Enable Tabs icon.
    2. Click +Add Another Tab.
    3. Enter a name for the tab in the text field. 
    4. Continue steps a-c to continue adding more tabs as needed. To delete a tab, click the  icon.
      The tabs settings.
  9. Click Done to return to the form canvas.
  10. If the new section is collapsible, click the  icon to expand it (if necessary) and add elements. Click the  icon to collapse the section, as needed. 
    A collapsed section on the form canvas.
  11. If the new section has tabs, click a tab and add elements. These elements will appear on the form only when that specific tab is selected. 
    A section with tabs on the form canvas.
  12. Repeat steps 2-11 to continue adding sections as needed.
  13. To reposition a section on the form canvas, click the  icon in the top-right corner of the section, then drag and drop it to a different area on the canvas.