Version 3.3 Release Notes

New Features

IP Authorization

The new IP authorization allows admins to control who can access an org by validating users' IP addresses against entries in an IP allow list. This feature works with current authentication methods, including basic access (username and password), SSO, and Anonymous Login. A super admin must enable the feature, but the IP allow list is managed by org admins.

Local Time Zone Adjustments

Users can now apply report filters and create date-based concatenations in their local time zone to help ensure data makes sense based on their geographical regions.

Language Translations

With this new feature, content from plain text and rich text fields on forms can be translated from many different languages into the org's selected base language, making it easier for multi-national customers to collaborate with one another. This feature must be enabled by a super admin, but it can be enabled by admins on specific forms through the new Form Action option.

Rely On Data Across Assessments (Shared Objects)

Customers can now share (rely on) previously assessed data across multiple assessments or applications without assessing or cloning the same object multiple times. This allows for better continuity, efficiency, and collaboration across multiple teams (e.g., sharing controls across business units or between multiple applications, like Risk Management and Compliance Management) and reduces redundancy and additional work. Admins can enable this feature via a new option on the Edit Assessments page. Note that additional role configurations may be required.

UI Enhancements

  • The new Enable Unlink option on a form allows admins to control whether users can unlink an object from a relationship/reference field. Previously, the ability to create new relationship or reference objects also automatically enabled the ability to unlink them.
  • Admins can now easily edit a form they're viewing by clicking the new Edit Form Template link at the bottom of the page.
  • When adding relationships or references to an object, the palette now displays 50 objects instead of 20.
  • Added the option to add a rich text field as a required component on the Creation workflow state. This is useful when users need to provide a narrative or other important details before an object can be created.
  • Filtered reports now display the filter icon in a solid blue, which replaces the small red dot that previously appeared below the icon.
  • Moved the Delete option on objects to a new ellipsis menu at the top-right of the form.
  • General display improvements to assessment dimensions and free form text.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that applied some outdated permissions to certain users. 
  • Resolved an issue that prevented tagging some users in comments due to a five-result limit when searching for the user's name.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented linking objects when one object contained location data.
  • Users can now apply certain data filters on a report without producing an error. 
  • Numeric fields with a value of 0 no longer show up blank when appearing in assessments.
  • Removing a field from an object type now completely removes the field from all of the object type's forms.
  • Users now appear as expected when searching by first and last names in a role field.
  • Resolved an issue with some assessment dimensions not appearing in reports.
  • Email addresses are no longer case-sensitive in data imports.
  • Fixed an issue with relationship and reference tables reordering unexpectedly when removing columns, as well as an issue with some additional columns not appearing on the tables. 
  • Reports configured to show sum totals now successfully export to Word documents.
  • Adding a web link to an existing object no longer shows an error if the object was created before the web link was added to the object type.
  • Fixed a bug with user groups not appearing in some report tables.
  • Column names in exported table reports now match the column names as they appear in Core.
  • Resolved an issue with some repeatable form sections with Only If visibility enabled showing in PDF exports.
  • Corrected a design issue that blocked some links and buttons on the right-hand side of the screen when the browser window is resized to a smaller width.
  • Duplicate forms now preserve the original form's priority.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some repeatable forms with relationship fields set to Search Disabled not to load correctly.
  • Removing a role from an object type now successfully removes that role as a required component on a workflow state.