Version 2.8.2 (Hotfix)

Bug Fixes

  • Reference objects are now displayed in repeatable forms when the report data series does not include the parent object type.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented objects from appearing on relationship tables when the last column had no field values.
  • Selecting the "Display colored cells as ovals" option in the Data Grid admin settings now automatically enables that option for end-users viewing the grid.
  • User-defined cell colors on heat maps are now displayed correctly on PDF exports.
  • Users now receive password reset emails after clicking Change Password in the password expiration window.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some bar charts to display with truncated data.
  • Resolved issues with the date picker that caused the wrong day to be selected and prevented users from selecting any months after September.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from selecting list options in data grids when the colored cells were displayed as ovals.
  • Relationship graphs are no longer reloaded each time an object is viewed in the palette.