New Articles

  1. Resolver Core Version 2.8 Release Notes New

    Release notes for the Resolver Core 2.8 release with a summary of new features and bug fixes.
  2. Timed Triggers & Nightly Emails Schedule New

    The schedule for timed triggers and Messaging emails based on your organization's region.
  3. Enable SSO New

    Learn how to initiate the process of enabling SSO for Resolver Core.
  4. SSO Frequently Asked Questions New

    Frequently asked questions about Core SSO.
  5. SAML Authentication Sequence New

    Learn the sequence that Resolver Core uses to authenticate SAML SSO.
  6. Resolver Core SAML Profile New

    Learn how the Resolver Core SAML Profile is set up and how it allows for the authentication of users.
  7. SSO Technical Requirements New

    A list of requirements that must be met prior to configuring Core SSO.
  8. Text Field Concatenation New

    How to add variables to create concatenations on text fields in Resolver Core.
  9. Image Upload & Custom Logos New

    The Image Upload  feature allows administrators to upload a photo and generate a URL that can then be used as a custom logo or embedded in configurable forms using Markdown formatting . To use this feature, navigate to Admin > Tools >...
  10. Rich Text Formatting New

    When creating a new text field, admins can enable the Rich Text Format  option, which saves the field as a text box that allows that allows users to: Apply headings, bold, italic, underline, or strikethrough formatting. Apply left, right, o...