Troubleshoot Login Issues

The following will help you troubleshoot common login issues.

User not logged out:

If the last user did not log out before closing Core, they may have left the session active.  Log in as the last user account that was logged in to Core on your machine. 

Click the person icon in the top right corner, then click Logout

User not enabled:

  1. Log into Core as a user with administrative privileges enabled.

  2. Click the gear icon to open the Admin area.The Admin area.

  3. Click Users. 
  4. Click the user who is having trouble logging in.
  5. Ensure the User Enabled checkbox is blue.
    The Account Status of a user.

Clear browser cache:

See Clear Browser Cache for instructions.

Token no longer valid:

Some users may encounter the following error after clicking the Reset Password button.An invalid token error message.

This can happen if you request a password reset and immediately request another one. You must wait 15 minutes between password reset requests. 

Using Internet Explorer can also cause this issue. Try using Chrome to reset your password.