Edit or Delete a User

Important Notes

  • Administrators cannot edit any fields in a user's User Profile section. To request a change to the details of this section, contact Resolver Support.
  • All Access grants a user access to all object types and their objects within an organization. Therefore, it's recommended that you enable these settings only when necessary.
  • It's generally recommended that user accounts are disabled rather than deleted. See the Important Notes About Deleting or Deactivating User Accounts article for more information.
  • Disabled users are not counted towards your org's maximum user count.
  • A new data warehouse password must be generated and entered into any business intelligence tools to re-establish connectivity if the admin account that generated the original password is deleted, disabled, or loses its admin privileges.


To edit or delete an existing user:

  1. Click theicon in the top bar > Users in the People section.
  2. Enter a first and/or last name of the user in the text field to search for a user or click on an account to open the Edit User page.
  3. Click the or icons next to User Enabled, Admin, and/or All Access to enable or disable the user account and/or administrative rights. 
  4. Optional: Select a pre-configured language from the Language dropdown menu to choose how the UI and applications will be translated for the user. Note that the default language selected in a user’s browser will take precedence.
  5. To review the user groups or roles the account has been added to, click a group or role in the User Group Membership or User Role Membership section, which will display the Edit Role or Edit User Group page.The User Group Membership and User Role Membership sections.
  6. To delete the user, click the icon, then click Yes to confirm.
  7. Click Done when finished.