Account Access

By default, Resolver personnel do not have access to your account (also known as your “org”). However, to provide you with optimal service, the Resolver Support team may require direct access to your company’s account, as it helps us diagnose and/or escalate complex or specific problems that our team can then solve more effectively. 

Your company’s approval is required to enable access for a named Support team representative(s). Said approval also must be performed by an account administrator (an “Authorized Contact”) with the privileges to grant user access.

Requesting Access

If required to assist with your support ticket, we will request access to your org. Approving this org access request depends on the support channel on which you submitted your ticket:

  • Support Portal – If you submit a Support Portal ticket (our recommendation!), we capture the Authorized Contact's approval upfront on the ticket request form. 
  • Email – If you submit a support ticket by email, we will respond to the ticket requesting approval. Then we will wait for the Authorized Contact's approval before we proceed with enabling our access and our investigation. Using this channel potentially slows our investigation down, so the Support Portal is your best choice for prompt ticket resolution.

Granting Access

On receiving an Authorized Contact’s approval, a named Support representative will activate their personal access to your org. As the Authorized Contact’s email is entered during the activation process, that Authorized Contact will be automatically notified of who has gained access and why. 

The named Support representative will grant other Resolver personnel access as required to progress the investigation. "Personnel" may include members of our Support or Product Engineering teams. The Authorized Contact will be automatically notified when any other member of the Resolver team is added. 

Your available user licenses are not affected by granting Resolver access to your org for support requests.

Managing Data and Configuration Changes

When a configuration and/or data change may be required to resolve your support ticket, Resolver will not make any changes to your account without first obtaining an Authorized Contact’s written approval.

Removing Access

Once our investigation is complete, we may disable the Support team’s access to your account. However, Resolver customers are responsible for maintaining their user access and authorizations. We recommend that you regularly review user authorizations and disable our team’s and/or other users’ access when no longer required.

Note: If you have multiple open support tickets requiring access to your account, we may maintain access until each ticket is solved.