Edit or Delete a Report

You  cannot edit or remove the data definitions saved to a report without deleting the report then recreating it; however, edit functionality for data definitions is scheduled for an upcoming release in the near future.

To edit or delete a report:

  1. Click the  icon in the top bar > Data Visualizations in the Views section.

  2. Click the report you want to edit or enter the name of the data visualization in the Search field, then click it edit it.

  3. To edit the name or description, click the icon, then make your changes as needed in the Name and Description fields.

  4. To include or exclude archived data from the report, click the icon, then select or deselect the Include archived data in report checkbox.

  5. To add or remove filters, click Configure Filters in the Filters field, then click the fields, relationships, or formulas to add or remove them as filters.

  6. Select whether the report should be displayed to the user in a portrait or landscape format by clicking the corresponding button in the Report Orientation section.

  7. To add or edit the header and/or logo on a PDF export file for the report, click PDF Output Options, then make you changes as needed. 

  8. To edit an element on the canvas, hover your cursor over the element, click the icon, make your changes, then click Done when finished.

  9. To rearrange the elements on the canvas, hover your cursor over an element, click the icon and drag the element to a new location.

  10. To delete an element, hover your cursor over the element, click the icon, then click Yes to confirm.

  11. To delete a report, click the icon at the bottom of the Edit Report page, then click Yes to confirm.

Deleting a report will also delete any filters, parameters, and elements added to it.