Support Coverage

With a current subscription, customers receive assistance with:

  • Software Problems: Includes troubleshooting errors and unexpected behavior while using the software. This does not extend to technical issues solely with customer computer systems, servers, devices, or any software other than Resolver’s. Support is also not provided for networks, communications, or devices not owned, controlled, or managed by Resolver that are used to access our software, or for recovery of lost data due to user error. However, Support does cover technical issues that relate to interoperability or compatibility between the software services and computer systems, devices, third-party software, or network or communication systems configured to Resolver specifications.

  • Software Guidance: Includes answering questions about how to use the software. The Support team may refer customers who require educational or services-based assistance that extend beyond basic how-to questions (including assistance to optimize design and enhance configuration as requirements evolve) to the Customer Success team. We offer a range of add-on services packages to help customers achieve maximum value from their Resolver Core solution.