Workato Integrations: Triggers and Actions

As described in the Workato Integrations: Overview, Workato recipes use conditional logic to “speak” between Core and third-party applications. 

Recipes start with a Trigger, which can be set at a pre-set timed frequency. For example, when someone creates a new incident in Jira, Workato starts polling our database to see if those objects were indeed created.

After the incident object was created, a Core-Workato Action follows and retrieves an indicator from Core. Many Resolver Core Connector actions exist (e.g., search rows in a Google sheet) and the main ones are detailed below. 



Poll for Created Objects

Polls Core for recently created objects of a selected object type.



Create/Add User

Creates a user in the Resolver org. 

Add User Group to Role

Adds a user group to a role.

Add User to Role

Adds a role membership to a user.

Add User to User Group

Adds a user group membership to a user. 

Assign User to Object

Assigns a user to an assignable permission role on an object. 

Disable User

Changes a user’s status to inactive. This action does not remove the user from the org, or from any user group or role membership. 

Check if Object Exists

Checks Resolver org for the existence of an object. The action will return "True" if the object already exists and "False" otherwise.

Create Object

Creates a new object of a specified object type. Fields specific to the object type can be mapped and populated upon creation.

Delete Object

Deletes a previously created object.

Relate Objects

Creates a relationship between two objects. This action requires an established object type relationship. Users must specify the parent and child object type IDs, noting when the action is set up between them.

Retrieve Object Data

Retrieves an object and its associated data (including fields, relationships, comments, geo locations, and assigned users).

Trigger Object State Transition

Triggers an object state transition within an object workflow.

Retrieve User

Retrieves a user from Core. 

Add Comment to Object

Add a new comment to an existing object in Core. 

Resolve Comment

Change a comment’s status in Core to “resolved.”

Unlink Relationship

Remove the relationship between two related objects in Core. 

Update Object Fields

Update fields for a specified object in Core.

Update User

Update a user in Core.

Upload File

Upload and attach a file to a specified object in Core.