Version 3.2

This release brings performance improvements to operations that generate or modify permissions, like when adding or removing objects on relationships or adding role memberships. Some more specific examples of processes that'll benefit from this release include:

  • Creating incidents
  • Deleting incidents
  • Unlinking business units

This is especially helpful for customers with complex permission models.

Bug Fixes

  • Data imports with large amounts of role assignments now complete without errors.
  • Fixed some bugs with with translations that resulted in “undefined name” appearing on repeatable forms exported to PDFs and an input delay when typing into fields.
  • Permission-related errors and timeouts when adding or deleting objects or relationships no longer occur thanks to improvements made to calculating permissions.
  • Data analytics exports now support attachment fields with both files and web links.
  • The Pull Data Value workflow action can now successfully pull data from fields recently added to existing objects.
  • Report and data grid queries have been improved to mitigate some loading issues.
  • Percentages on formula cards are now properly displayed on exported PDF reports.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some formulas from auto-calculating.
  • Editing a comment to change or remove a tagged user no longer results in an error.
  • Reports with special characters in their names now export without any issues.