Edit Columns on a Table within a Report

Tables display selected data in text form and can be exported into a Word or Excel document from a view.  Additional data can be displayed or removed by adding or removing columns.

To edit columns in a report table:

  1. Click the icon in the top bar > Data Visualizations under the Views section.

  2. Open the report that contains the table you want to edit.

  3. Hover your cursor over the Table Element in the Report Canvas and click the   icon.The Pencil icon on the Table Element.

  4. Click the Columns tab in the Edit Table pallette.

  5. Choose either the anchor or an object type in the data path from the Select a Relationship dropdown menu. The options in this dropdown menu will vary depending on the definition selected as the data series in the step above.Selecting which object type's data will appear in the table.

  6. Select the properties, workflow states, fields, formulas, relationships, and/or roles you want to display in the table from the Select Data section. Use the Search field to narrow your search, if needed.

  7. Optional: Clicking a selected data type will deselect it and remove it from the table.The Select Data section.

  8. From the dropdown list in the Define Custom Forms section, select which form is displayed when a user clicks on data in the table. Choosing Default will display the form selected in the user’s role permissions for the object type.The Define Custom Forms section.

  9. Optional: In the Sort Columns section:

    1. Click and drag the  icon next to the data types to rearrange how the columns will appear on the table.

    2. Click the  icon next to the data type to delete it from the table.

    3. Select the Show SUM totals for all numeric columns checkbox to display a sum total of the numeric field values on the table.The Sort Columns section where you can rearrange the table columns or delete the data types.

  10. Optional: Select the Display colored cells checkbox to show formula or select list cells with text and full background color.

  11. Optional: Select the Display colored ovals checkbox to show formula or select list cells as text with colored circles.

  12. Optional: Select the Display no color checkbox to show formula or select list cells as text with no background color.

  13. Click Done.