Version 2.3.3 (Hotfix) Release Notes

This hotfix release includes improvements and bug fixes.


  • Formulas and workflow conditions now treat blank field values as 0. This applies to the array, count, average, and sum formula sub-types.
  • Clicking an Export button will now display a "Loading..." message to indicate the download will begin shortly. This applies to:
    • Org Manager;
    • Data Import;
    • Audit Trail; and
    • Languages.

Bug Fixes

  • Attempting to edit an assessment workflow from the Edit Assessment page no longer displays a blank page.
  • Custom logos on email templates now display in the correct size when viewing emails on Microsoft Outlook.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented related objects from appearing in the Relationship column of table reports.
  • Exporting a large report to Excel or Word no longer produces a 500 error.