Our Partnership

As we embark on this change together, think of us as your guide. We've walked the path before and have the badges and bruises to show for it! Your Resolver Project Team will focus on the following our partnership with you and your team: 

  • Share best practices: Over hundreds of implementations and many consultations with customers ranging in size, complexity, and location. We've helped bring visions to life.
  • Be the challenger. Many customers build based on what they're currently doing. We'll challenge you to look forward: Could we simplify? Could we think about processes in a more streamlined way? Again, based on our experience with best practices we can help you. 
  • Engage in radical candor: We care about you (and your results), so we will be direct. Made famous by Kim Scott and part of Resolver's culture; we believe in honest conversations. While challenging the status quo can feel awkward at times; awkwardness is temporary, so we'll speak to the issue rather than around it. If there are times were we have conflicting perspectives, assume positive intent. Assume we are engaging in candor to deliver on the greater vision.
  • Have fun: we spend a lot of time doing work, so why shouldn't it be fun? Many of you have "Resolver Project" as an added item on your to-do list, so we want this to be something you look forward to. Plus your brain is more open and creative when you're having fun (there's science in there) and that tends to lead to better results.