Meeting 7: Prepare for Deployment


❒ Completed Validation

As you validated the application did you answer yes to all the questions below?

  • Is it easy and intuitive to log information?   
  • Have we provided guidance to help facilitate users in entering information?
  • If a user was in the application on a limited basis, is it clear what is expected from them? 
  • Have we achieved the objectives outlined in the Kick-off? Has the application solved the problem we were facing?

❒ Validation Sign Off

Before we begin deploying the application in Production, we will want to ensure you have Accepted or Closed all Validation tickets and Signed off on the Validation phase in the Project Tracker.

❒ Internal Communication

We recommend proactively communicating with your team that you’re ready to roll. 


❒ Launch Day!

We have just agreed on our Launch day. We ask that you block the day and time off in your calendar. We will want to ensure you can access Production and can help validate the data.