Meeting 6: Validation Check-In


❒ Review Validation Tickets

During the meeting we will talk through outstanding tickets in the Tracker. Please ensure you have reviewed all open and outstanding tickets in the tracker. Please close any tickets that have been addressed. 


❒ Close Tickets

Based on our meeting, there may be some tickets that require action. Please go through and Accept, Close or provide further details in the remaining tickets. As we move into Deployment after Validation, all tickets will need to be either Accepted or Closed.

❒ Final Validation

You are now familiar with all things Resolver! It is important to continue to walk through the application from start to finish and log any high-priority tickets in the Project Tracker.

❒ Prepare for End-User Training

As we finalize the application, it is important to ensure you have booked the end-user training sessions within your organization. This may not be required for all organizations. If you are a smaller team, your whole team may have been involved in the implementation and therefore you don’t need to train any end users.