Meeting 5: Training


❒ Invite Testers to Training

Please ensure that you have forwarded the Training invite on to the Testing team. This training will be a walk through of the application and your process from start to finish.

❒ Personalization Sign Off

Now that we have personalized the application to meet your organizations goals and are beginning training, it is important to ensure you have signed off on the personalization within the Project Tracker.


❒ Begin Application Validation

It is now time to begin validating the application. Here are a few items to help get you started:

  1. Login
  2. Navigate to the application
  3. Walkthrough your process from start to finish
  4. Perform your day to day activities
  5. Run reports for Board reporting
  6. Add new users and assign them to roles
  7. Walkthrough the process from all end-users perspective as well 

Remember as you’re opening forms and moving objects through workflows, it’s important to keep these questions in mind:

  • Is it easy and intuitive to log information?   
  • Have we provided guidance to help facilitate users in entering information?
  • If a user was in the application on a limited basis, is it clear what is expected from them?

❒ Library Data Validation

As you’re thinking about the user experience and validating the application, we also ask that you confirm the data we’ve imported. Is there anything missing? Is it accurate? This will become the data we import into your production environment so it’s crucial to review it and ensure it is accurate and complete.

❒ Log Validation Tickets

Remember to log any questions, clarifications or tweaks into the Project Tracker. Once your Consultant has addressed the ticket, you will receive an email notification to review the comments or retest the ticket.