Meeting 1: Kick-Off


❒ Internal Alignment

Software is more than a few buttons to click, it represents a change, and change comes with opportunities and challenges. We recommend ensuring that the right mix of people are part of your project implementation. This can involve:

  • a business subject matter expert who is familiar with the ins and outs of your process
  • a user who will be in the application every day and who will administer the application on an ongoing basis. We find the best results when the user is tech saavy and/or has been an administrator of another system in the past. 
  • a user who may be in the application from time-to-time, this could be an executive who might be running reports quarterly or a user who updates issues quarterly.   
  • Depending on the complexity of the project, a dedicated project manager who will ensure your team knows when things are happening and that no timelines or homework slips. 

We understand change happens but it’s important to take some time to get your team chosen from day 1. This ensures your team are available and reduces any potential time spent repeating terminology or application overviews.  

❒ Resolver Application Video

We are excited to start you on your Resolver journey! We have prepared a quick welcome video which will provide you with a high-level understanding of the application. Please forward this on to your project team so they too can start getting excited about our journey together.

❒ Touchpoint Set-up

We like to set up a 1-hour touch point every week throughout the project.   Please review calendars in advance so we can set up the call after the meeting.

❒ Company Logo

We like to personalize the application with your company’s logo. Please click the link below to review the requirements for the logo and send the logo to your Project lead when you can. 


❒ Socialize Presentation

We encourage you to socialize the presentation with other team members who might be interested in the project approach and timelines. This helps align on expectations so we can proactively address any feedback.

❒ Review Project Timelines

Please review the Project Timelines and provide us feedback on any black-out dates or other priorities you have that we need to be aware of. These include vacations, holidays, board reporting dates, committee meetings, internal system freezes, or other internal system go-lives.

❒ Knowledge Base

If you are really keen to get started, here are some articles from our knowledge base that might help you along the way. The top three we recommend are: